For a number of traders, Saturday and Sunday present the only time spare time they have available for trading binary options. Regrettably, many of the main markets are closed on these days, reducing the total number of trade possibilities. Brokers, recognizing that many traders do either prefer or need to trade during the weekend, are now working hard to provide trade prospects in spite of some marketplace hour constraints. The following are a couple of the options available for weekend trading.

Stock options may be restricted on the weekend, but are undoubtedly not entirely unattainable. Not every marketplace will only be open from Monday to Friday. Some are open for trading from Sunday to Thursday, while others are open for trading from Saturday until Wednesday. The following markets are open during the weekend and may provide plenty of trade possibilities:

  • Tel Aviv 25
  • DFM Index
  • Tadawul Index
  • Kuwait Stock Exchange
The trading instruments that are accessible can also vary marginally on weekends. Above/Below trades should be available regardless. On the other hand, One Touch, No Touch and Boundary instruments could either not be available or vary in nature, perhaps involving the requirement to select a future expiry time that is not going to go live until the markets re-open. This will involve waiting around for quite some time to find out if your binary options trade was profitable.

One of the best asset selections for weekend trading is going to be currency pairs. No central market for Forex exists and for that reason one or more trade options may be offered at any time. Not every binary options trader has experience in Forex trading. Even so, those who need to trade primarily on the weekend are going to benefit from finding out how to trade currency pair binary options. Do be aware that liquidity can be decreased during the weekend, but this is going to have much less impact on those who trade binary options than those who trade straight Forex.

Whether or not you are trading options solely on the weekend or throughout the week as well, being aware of the marketplace overlapping  hours is going to be helpful. When numerous markets are open at the same time, a variety of trading possibilities will be provided. A part of the attractiveness of options trading is the fact that traders can benefit from both lively and slow-moving marketplace conditions. Steadiness or volatile price movement can each be lucrative as long as the appropriate trading instrument is selected.

If you are one of the many traders that is super busy during the week, but has free time for trading on the weekend, realize that there will still be a lot options to choose from so long as your broker provides them on these two days. Most brokers now do, with many also delivering mobile trading so that traders with handheld devices can trade from virtually anywhere. Mobile trading is excellent for weekend traders who want to trade, but would rather not spend their valuable free time tied to a computer.



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